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Climate Works

2050 Pathways website and calculator

An ambitious project exploring the Climate Works' plan for a clean and prosperous economy.

We created a responsive, single page website with rich graphs and animations to explain these complex concepts. We also created a real-time calculator using the client's own model via a custom API, to allow users to alter variables and explore an alternate energy future.

Website Calculator

Carlton Connect Initiative

Website, Wordpress CMS

Web presence with Wordpress CMS for this unique organisation within Melbourne University.

Sustainability in Schools

Website, Drupal CMS

A website - built with the Drupal CMS - to promote the teaching of sustainability in the classroom. The website is fully content managed, and contains a detailed Resource Portal, with faceted filters to allow teachers to search for sustainability related materials.
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Actual Size


Custom Javascript framework, in a unique side-scrolling website.

Where on Earth

Single page website

A single-page website, built for the School of Earth Sciences at Melbourne University.